The best of 2013: Sauer Style

I enjoy looking back at pictures, what a great way to celebrate 2013 by highlighting my favorite parts.  Enjoy!  Be warned it is very photo heavy!


My sweet Bianca turned 6 years old.


Our family trip to Fort Meyers.  

Our first surrey ride, and we even saw a gator!

Bennett lost his first tooth, quite literally, he could not find it!

My sweet nephew Maverick was born, a red head just like Annika!


My baby boy turned 5!  WHAT?!?!?

 We brought "Big Pimpin'" home. 
I dove head first into the world of Young Living Essential Oils and have never looked back!

We bought a boat!

I helped plan a very successful fundraising gala for the PTA.

Celebrated this guy's big 3-4!  Brian, not Sarge :)

Bianca FINALLY lost her first tooth!

Our other newest nephew, Bretton, came into the world!  He's been such a joy to our family!


I took this sweet guy's pictures.  Such a good baby!

Celebrated my 7.5 years as a mama!

 We decided to sell our house and buy some land.

My sweet nephew Maverick was baptized and Brian and myself are his godparents.

Bennett graduated preschool!

 We moved to the cabin to put our house on the market!

Our inaugural boat ride!  


The girls took the dingy out on the lake, got stuck and daddy had to rescue them.  It was really quite comical!  

Annika had her last day of 2nd grade, and Bianca had her last day of kindergarten.  Sniff, sniff.

 Bianca performed in the kindergarten circus as a tap dancer.  

We put our house on the market!

Sold it the next day!

 Brian and went to Park City Utah for a long and wonderful weekend.  What a gorgeous city!

We built a swingset.

And hung a tire swing.

The girls tubed for the first time ever on the 4th of July.

I took a much needed long weekend in Madeline Island with my college girlfriends.  Good food, drinks and relaxation!  

We bought a 2.6 acre homesite!  So excited to spread out.

The kids did a golf camp during one of the hottest weeks of July.  They had fun though!

My sweet Annika turned 8!!!

 The girls chopped their hair and donated it.  What a proud moment for all of us!


The kids went to camp again!  Such a favorite of the summer!

Our annual High Class White Trash party.  Fun times had by all!

Ki Chi Saga days and the parade, the little fair in our small cabin town.  

We got our first set of house plans back!  Let the real fun begin!

And of course, more boat rides!


The kids had their first day of school at their new school!

Annika is in 3rd grade, Bianca is in 1st and my baby Bennett started kindergarten!

Bianca had some teeth pulled.

We went to the apple orchard with sweet cousin Bretton on a beautiful fall day!


Went to Oktoberfest

Bianca, her class and I went on a field trip to the fire station.

I won a chili cook off!

And I turned the big 3-4 :(

The lot was surveyed and staked!  

We finalized our house plans.

Channy turned 2!

Halloween with the cousins.


Bennett started hockey!  He is so darn cute.

The hole was dug!

And the foundation was poured!

Bianca and I went on a lovely date.


Lake Skating

We put our Christmas tree up.

 The framing stage started!  Now that was exciting!


St. Nick's Day 2013.  Jammies and books!

Annika played in her first basketball game!

The girls had their Holiday gymnastics meet!  They both scored so well and Bianca won the award for best executed routine!

Christmas Eve and Christmas day spent with family galore!  

The house has had some major progress.  Windows went in, plumbing, electrical and HVAC rough in started.  

We saw A Christmas Story in the theater.

Phew, what a year.  Both Brian and I truly believe this was one of our busiest years yet.  Tonight we are celebrating quietly at home and ringing in 2014 in our cozy cabin.  We are so excited about what the next year will bring to our incredibly fortunate family.  Happy New Year to you and yours!

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  1. I love this post!!! So fun to look back at. I need to create one too but I have been so bad about photographing and documenting (unless you count daily videos, I am rocking that! lol)